Laurent Bigler's Grappe d'or has proven itself and the establishment is now positioning itself as a den of bistronomy where all-Lausanne meets and shows itself. Whether at the bar at the entrance, on a high table or in the hall, the place is always full.
In the plates, we are eyeing the Italian side with a certain happiness. As a starter, the asparagus is accompanied by San Daniele, the buffalo mozzarella tomatoes and the soft-boiled egg of a parmesan cappuccino for a result that is always original and effective.
The pasta and risottos are very well made, like this octopus risotto, very creamy and tasty as desired. As for the roasted meats, another specialty of the house, they are juicy and tender, their cooking perfectly controlled and the garnishes in season.
A cooperation that aligns with the values of Nobis, precision, integration of technique in clothing and elegance, without sacrificing style for functionality, a new class of luxury.



At the Jardins de PAM, you can enjoy Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, accompanied by signature cocktails, with a 360-degree view of Lausanne.

 The PAM Gardens consist of three gardens. The Mediterranean garden, on the rooftop, is a perfect place for sunny days. Below, the indoor restaurant, with water garden, is a comfortable place to dine. Finally, you can disappear into the jungle of the bar until late at night.

Les Jardins de PAM is a cool place in Lausanne that reopened in June 2021. Here you will find yourself surrounded by nature and a 360 degree view of the city. Guests can enjoy signature cocktails, accompanied by an Asian / Mediterranean tapas  menu prepared by two chefs.

 If you are wondering who / what is PAM, come and discover the Perchoir, the Abreuvoir and the Mangeoire. Indeed, the concept
evolves around nature. The inspiration started from the fact that the building looks like a bird's nest.

Nobis is proud to support the team that aligns the same value of excellence.

To celebrate the grand opening of their pop-up store in Paris, Nobis joined together with Paris Saint-Germain Football Club to create an iconic bomber jacket.
The Alpha PSG jacket is available for a limited time in selected boutiques and on
The Shelby ‘Powered by M’ celebrates the alliance of BMW and Nobis for our first collaboration.
This partnership boasts confidence and advanced performance – showcasing the details and craftsmanship that celebrate the balance of fashion and function that both brands strive to exceed - distinction and excellence at its finest.
The nobis x Sully Wong-Hi embodies the fundamental synergy between both Toronto born brands. Beyond the effortlessly sleek, tailor-made exterior, the Hi exposes the shared philosophy of exceeding expectations and collective value in superior construction. This partnership produces an original sneaker that is carefully built from the inside out, ensuring there is no compromise of style and comfort for performance.
Nobis’ industry leading Sympatex membrane and seam seal construction alongside Sully Wong’s unique honeycomb and EVA footpad technology provides a fully functional and waterproof leather sneaker, capable of taking the wearer from the city streets to the office with ease.